Object of the Week

Painting (1966)

We love music related topics for objects of the week, and what better way to showcase that than to appreciate national violin day. Observed annually on December 13, National Violin Day honors that bowed string instrument, also known as the fiddle. Through a variety of techniques, a violinist produces music from the violin.  By drawing the bow across the strings, the violinist manipulates the sound in a variety of techniques providing a broad range of music. Violinists have demonstrated over the generations the versatility of the violin by use in many genres such as classical, jazz, folk music, rock and roll and soft rock. Violins were given modern characteristics around the 16th century, and were later modified in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Here we see the object of the week, a painting from 1966. This is piece is titled “The Violinist” and was created by artist Edmund Yaghjian. Using an impressionistic style, Edmund is able to brilliantly portray a man performing with this beautiful instrument, and we found it perfect for our object of the week.
























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