Caligraffiti: Artwork by Randy Herring

 February 14 – April 29, 2017


Randy Herring describes himself as a self-taught artist. His only art class was taken in junior high with Mr. Jim Biggers many years ago and he now shares a broader understanding of art with his mentor. For the past 10 years his renewed passion for art has taken his style from landscapes to abstracts to linocut and calligraphy, just to name a few. He incorporates a wide variety of media materials into his art works including ink, oil, acrylic, mixed media, wood, and recycled materials, and learns something from each piece. He states, “That is my purpose, to learn.”

This show features a style of art called “caligraffiti”, which is an art form that combines calligraphytypography, and graffiti. It is a visual art that attempts to communicate a larger message through writing that has been altered in the effort of moving beyond the literal meaning. As such it is meant to be both an aesthetic experience and provocative art—mixing tradition and precision with modern unbridled self-expression.






















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